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5 października 2015, 14:01

Żłobki - ważna inwestycja

Why are nurseries important? They constitute support for parents by helping them reconcile childcare and work. Lack of childcare forces parents, and mostly mothers, to give up work or take extended parental leaves. Not everyone can afford to employ a private nanny. Lack of publicly funded childcare creates additional obstacles for those searching for jobs or to struggling to combine care with studies. 

Freely available, public childcare facilities are one of the main components of success for the pro-family states – those European countries where citizens are most likely to start and expand their families. Access to institutional care is an important factor in future parents’ decision-making.

In Poland, almost all politicians have declared support for the expansion of nurseries and kindergartens. While the government underlines the importance of the institutional care, duty to maintain them was shifted to municipalities. 

What resources are allocated to nurseries?



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